shin-ka's Mission

"Developing programs that explore Traditional Japanese teachings and their relevance to the western mindset as expressed through the design and content of Japanese and Japanese Influenced Gardens."

  • To interpret Traditional Japanese teachings through historical, philosophical, ascetics and design elements of Japanese and Japanese Influenced Gardens.
  • To prepare educational information in written, visual and oral formats.
  • To tailor information for specific population and Gardens, including the general public, academic environments such as schools and colleges. Designing programs focused on self-knowledge and well-being through the content and design of the Japanese Garden.

shin-ka's History

The Shin-ka organizational group grew out of a sincere interest in and devotion Japanese Gardens, their meaning, structure, and content. Closely related to this interest was a growing appreciation of the nourishing and educational value of Japanese Gardens and western lifestyle. 

The concept of developing programs began in 2006 and what has been created is proving to be beneficial to a wide range of individuals with diverse backgrounds, interests and concerns. It is also noted that the Programs is demonstrating its ability to be adapted to individual Gardens and circumstances easily and productively. Our group looks forward to continuing to grow Shin-Ka in order to maximize its potential to expand horizons and promote well-being and understanding both for the individual and the larger community.